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It's time to actually achieve the look you want from your images – Every. Single. Time.

Janelle is the founder and owner of Janelle Joy Private Editing. After being a photographer for 14 years she saw a huge need for personal photo editing and decided to launch Janelle Joy Private editing back in 2016. She now runs a thriving and successful editing business helping wedding photographers from all over the world take back their time, enabling them to upscale their business, create better client experiences, and have a personal life in the process. In-fact, the high-demand for Janelle’s personal and unique approach to private editing ended up growing from a one woman show to now having a team of 7 editors in a period of just 1.5 years!

 In addition to running a killer private outsourcing business, Janelle now helps other photographers fix big pain points in their editing.. She shows them how to nail their unique editing style, have consistency in their editing, create solid workflows, and more. Janelle is in all the details and definitely delivers a premium experience and service to all of her clients. Her life changing techniques have helped photographers break the barrier and achieve their ultimate photography business dreams.

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