Photo Editors have you ever wanted to sit down with a business mentor to help you break through something that you’ve been stuck on or help guide you within your business?

• Are you new to the editing business and would like to have an expert help you build a solid business foundation and set you up for success?

• Would you like to improve your editing skills?

• Marketing techniques? 

• Would you like tips on how to edit faster and more efficiently?

• Have you thought about building a team, but have no idea where to start or have ALL the questions with no answers?

Janelle is now offering mentoring calls to photo editors! Learn from someone who has gone from a 1 women show to a team of 7 in just over a year! She and her team edit for 70+ photographers and have seen and learned it all! Let her expertise guide you through those burning questions you have as well as get you on a path to a successful private editing business!

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Mentoring with Janelle

Janelle's schedule is CURRENTLY CLOSED to take on 1-on-1 mentoring calls with YOU!  Let her expertise help up-level your photo editing business!  


For Photo Editors

Janelle has been a photographer for over 14 years and now a private photo editor to top photographers in the industry.  She and her team of editors runs a thriving and successful editing business helping 70+ wedding photographers from all over the world take back their time and run a more successful business. 

Along with running her team of 1-on-1 editors, she educates other photographers and editors all over the country not only about outsourcing but all things editing from better workflows to a stronger understanding of the magic lightroom has.   It's her passion to help others build a strong editing foundation that will help elevate their business and brand. 

She's been featured in:

1 hour
1-on-1 calls
with Janelle 
(save $500)

1 hour
1-on-1 calls with Janelle

(Save $200)

1 Hour
1-on-1 call with Janelle


Mentoring Packages

This is perfect for when you just need a call with Janelle to go over those burning questions you may have.  Are you struggling with getting your first client?  Do you need better systems? Marketing questions?  Are you swamped and ready to build a team?  The list is endless, and Janelle is here to help guide you!  She will send you a questionnaire once you book a session that will help her customize the mentor call to your individual needs.  Another bonus is, the call will be recorded so that you can have it to keep and be able to refer back to when needed!  

Slots are limited, so hurry and book now!

Have a lot you would like to cover, but don't feel like just one session will get you there?  This is a great option for you!  Just like the one hour package, you will have a questionnaire you will fill out, letting Janelle know all the things you would like to go over so that she can customize your mentor call with her.  During your calls you will go through all of your customized questions.  She will also be recording the sessions for you to keep and have something to refer back to.  No more, " Oh no, I don't remember how she said to do this!" It will all be there for you for whenever you need it! 

Slots are limited, so hurry and book now!

New to Private Photo Editing?  Don't know where to start and/or how to grow the business of your dreams?  Do you struggle to match your clients editing?   Are you already established and the thought of building a team excites you, but you want someone to walk you through the process? OR are you new to this business and need some serious coaching to get you on to the path of success?  With this package you will get 5- 1 hour mentor sessions with Janelle and she will guide you through all of these and have you walking out the other end a Private Editor Guru!

This really is the best job in the world, and Janelle wants you to succeed in your business goals/dreams and live your best life!

During your LIVE 1-on-1 calls you will go through all of your questions you may have and it will be customized to you and your needs.  Another bonus is, the call will be recorded so that you can have it to keep and be able to refer back to when needed!  

Slots are limited, so hurry and book now!


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