Having a private editor on your team streamlines your workflow dramatically. And the good news is, it’s not complicated to implement this addition to your growing business. Dedicating just a little time for culling and convo, and you will save MANY more hours of editing time for yourself.

Here’s what my process looks like:

Step 1 – Strategy Call

The first step of my private editing process involves a deep dive into understanding you, your business, and your editing style so that I can deliver images that are consistent with your brand.

What we will cover during this call:
• A little about you and me and our businesses coffee-chat style
• The essential tenets of your brand
• All the elements of your editing style
• Your typical timing and routine for shooting events
• An optimized and coordinated schedule

Step 2 – Editing Process

After I have a solid grasp on you and your style, you cull the images from the event, send me some anchor images and then I work my magic!

I work with Smart Previews so that we can streamline our workflow. It’s an amazing aspect of Lightroom that allows me to work on the images without needing the originals. Because of the time we take to work together on our initial strategy call, my edits will MATCH yours as though you’ve done them yourself! I’ve been doing this for over 10 years, am incredibly detailed and want you to know that your images are in highly experienced hands..

Step 3 – Delivery

My typical turnaround time is 5-8 business days. All delivery of images will go through Dropbox and I will send a final Lightroom catalog for you to apply to your original images.. Easy as pie! (Mmm….pie…) 

The best part: you get to deliver the images to your clients in no time at all, therefore maximizing the premium experience you provide for them.

While this may seem like an overly simplified explanation of how I work with my clients, it’s pretty accurate! But the details are in YOU and YOUR business because I cater my workflow to each individual client. Want to chat about what this could look like for you?  Shoot me a quick email or contact me to talk it through in a free consult call.

Why Janelle joy?

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Handing over your images to someone else to edit can be a bit scary, especially if you don’t know them. So, let’s get to know each other a little bit!

I’m Janelle…mom, wife, photographer and intense lover of sugar. (I have a serious sweet tooth, not gonna lie!) My favorite ways to spend my free time are bike rides on a sunny afternoon, traveling, and dance parties with my girls!

I have three amazing kids, I’ve been married to my incredibly supportive husband for 14 years and I’ve been perfecting my photography expertise for more than a decade. I built my photography business shooting portraits, weddings, and seniors and I LOVE it............. 

Family Life



After my last baby was born, I saw an increase in the need for private editing services for wedding photographers. That’s one of my favorite parts of the process, so it was immediately a perfect fit. I still love doing portrait photography since it keeps my creative juices flowing and keeps my editing chops on point!

For me, editing weddings from all across the world is like a dream come true! The most magical part of editing wedding photos is getting to fully experience the wedding from start to finish through the beautiful images my clients work so hard to capture. From the details of the dress to the first look, all the way until the last champagne flute standing, I love to help the whole story come together.......


At the core of my business are my two passions: my family and my love for photography. I’m so blessed to be able to spend time on both of these slices of life! Truth be told, my kids were the catalyst for my interest in photography and now they are the reason for my private editing business.

Because I’ve built my business based on close, personal partnerships with my clients, I’d love the chance to schedule a video chat with you. Let’s talk about how I can help you dramatically increase your profits, productivity and most importantly…increase the amount of time you have to do the things you love!



Think about all the hours you spend editing a wedding. No seriously...think about all of those long, long hours. What could you be doing with that time if you could have it back? Would you like to be more connected on social media and blog more? Or, how about having the time to make a 30-minute call with your Bride to go over any last minute details about her wedding day? You can answer emails quicker, market to new clients, meet with new brides…the list goes on. I haven't even touched on the increased family or personal time that we all need!

To put it into perspective, let's say it roughly takes you 8 hours to edit a wedding. Then multiply that by 20 weddings that you have booked for the year. That is 160 hours you spend editing. That’s four full work weeks a year!

Let’s free that time up to run and grow your business more efficiently. You can take on more weddings without adding to your stress and time commitments. What would you do with 160 extra hours?

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With extra time comes extra profit. So, what can you do with that extra time to gain more profit? Well, here are some ideas!
• Book more weddings & portrait sessions
• Double your hourly rate because you are using your time more effectively
• Start offering additional streams of income like mentoring, workshops or courses
• Massively increase your visibility to attract more clients overall

You already know that “time is money.” When you start thinking about the details of how more time directly translates into increased profit for you and your business, you can see how hiring a private editor pays for itself pretty quickly

Beautiful photographs are a luxury item, not a necessity. So the experience of working with you should feel like a luxurious one. You’re already giving your clients a great experience – I can help you make it AMAZING and unforgettable by dramatically cutting down your turnaround time.

With your newfound extra time and profit, you can think up additional ways to design that premium experience (champagne and chocolate strawberries go a long way!) You already have valuable referrals. Together we can create raving fans for your business so you can build your empire.

Want to chat about how we can create more time and profit for you and more luxury for your clients? Let’s do it!  Contact me for a free consult! 

If you’ve never even considered a private editor for your images, it can be hard to wrap your head around the logistics and benefits. But it’s always helpful to start with the benefits. In other words, what can you gain by outsourcing the editing process?

Answer: Tons!!

But I’ve narrowed it down to three areas: Time, Profit, & Client Experience


"Janelle has been such a gift to my business. Since working with her I feel like I got my life back! She not only is the sweetest human, she's brilliant at what she does and is happy to hold your hand through the process. (Her step by step tutorials are almost as adorable as she is!) She's dedicated to giving you consistent work that represents your business and goes above and beyond to understand what your brand and style is while welcoming feedback. She's an incredible communicator and very timely with her turnaround. I couldn't recommend Janelle more! So grateful to have her as an extension of my business and friend." 

~Valorie Darling Photography~ 

"She's dedicated to giving you consistent work that represents your business!!"

Rave Reviews

"Working with Janelle has been nothing short of a dream! I cannot believe how much stress it takes away having someone else do my editing. I love that she sends me a few sample edits to make sure they look the way I would edit them myself. The turn around time is also amazingly fast. Janelle is very easy to work with. She responds to emails quickly and answers all questions and concerns. When I get my images back they look just the way I would have edited them myself. (Truth be told, they actually look a little better!)
 Having this extra time (when I would otherwise be editing) allows me to spend more time with my kids, which is so priceless! It also allows me to take on more sessions, therefore earning more money. I do NOT miss editing and would be hard pressed to take it back. I honestly didn't realize what a difference it would make in my personal life. I love having my evenings back to tuck in my babies, play games with my hubby, and go out on more shoots."
~Jen                                        Jennifer Wyeth Photography

"Nothing short of a dream!"

"I had been on the fence on whether I should look to outsource my editing for a while and finally took a chance with Janelle. I am so happy I did! Not only is she incredibly easy to work with, she was able to seamlessly match my editing style so that when final galleries were submitted to my clients, you couldn't tell if I had done the edit or Janelle! What I love about photography is being with my clients and getting creative....I don't love the time on the computer making the images pop. Janelle allows me to do more of what I love...taking pictures! If you're considering an editor, I would highly recommend her"
~SLM Images

"Seamlessly matched my editing!"

Janelle is amazing! She is an incredible communicator and from the beginning made us feel comfortable trusting her to edit our images. Our business was in a place where we were on the fence about hiring a private editor but it has been worth every penny. Janelle takes the time to get to know your style and is extremely responsive and has a great turn around time which is huge during our busy wedding season. Not only are the images she’s editing matching our style but beyond that, she values customer service and we would recommend her to anyone!
~Chelsey & Stephen~

"Janelle takes the time to get to know your style!"

"I am so grateful that Janelle and I have been able to connect! From day one she has been so professional and wonderful to work with. She has helped alleviate a lot of stress from editing and has helped lighten my load a ton. Sometimes it can be very difficult being a mom and being pulled in so many different directions in life, but Janelle has made life so much easier for me! She is awesome at matching my style of editing and making sure that my images look exactly the way that I want them to look. She is very efficient and has a quick turn around time. Her communication skills are wonderful and she is one of the sweetest people I know! I would recommend her to anyone!!" 
~By the Hedges~ 

"She has helped alleviate a lot of stress!"

"I had known for months that the next step to elevating my business was hiring a private editor, but I didn't know it could be so easy! It's always a scary jump to make but Janelle make's the process seamless and fun! My two biggest worries in hiring an editor was that they wouldn't be able to match my editing style or that the image transfer process would be difficult. After our first time working together those worries faded instantly! She is there every step of the way making sure you understand how things work and making sure she is getting the images exactly how you want them! She is so incredibly talented and not only that she has a kind and understanding personality! I'm so grateful to have Janelle!" 
~Shelby Lea Photography~ 

"I had known for months that the next step to elevating my business was hiring a private editor, but I didn't know it could be so easy!"

  Outsourcing with Janelle has helped me get the time back that I so desperately need and want. Whats great is I still have some time invested in each gallery and my artistic touch to make it my own. The amazing thing is the in-between hours that take so much of my time away from my family, Janelle gets those hours. This is whats incredible! I adore Janelle! She’s the sweetest person to work with and her response time is so fast. I always feel connected with her, which makes me feel connected to my images. This is so important for the artist to feel this way while their work is in someone else’s hands. Outsourcing was a really scary thought and leap for me to take. Janelle has made me feel at ease every step of the way. Janelle's continuous drive to please and create edits that are just like my own is so refreshing. She wants to hear feedback whether there is any to give or not. I truly feel her number one goal is to make me happy and to always want to make sure her edits replicate what mine look like.!" 

~Amanda Meg Photography~ 

"Everyone needs a Janelle in their life!"

We found Janelle on Instagram while searching for hashtag privatephotoeditor. Once we got in touch, Janelle was very responsive and we set up a meeting to video chat. Janelle provided us with all information regarding the process and from there we could start right away. Which was great because we had a ton of editing work and still more client requests coming in. Once everything was set up - as easy as accepting a shared folder on Dropbox and that was it - we started uploading our files and Janelle would return us the edited work within a few days. Long story short, we are very happy with Janelle's response time, quality of work, turn around time. This totally changed our MO. We now have more time to take on more weddings = extra income! We also now have more family time, time to be creative, time to invest in some extra marketing efforts. We definitely recommend outsourcing your editing work to Janelle. It will surely change your game, just like it changed ours!
~Crooze Photography~ 

"This totally changed our MO. We now have more time to take on more weddings = extra income!"

My Portrait work

If you would like to take a look at my own portrait work, please feel free to!  I love still taking on sessions here and there!  I feel that it helps with my creative process and I love it!  I only take on a limited number of clients because my main focus is private editing.  I keep my schedule in a way that I make sure that I am able to give 100% to each of my clients!  I want you guys to know you are in the best of hands!


I will be in touch soon. 

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