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janelle joy is a team of private 1-on-1 photo editors to wedding photographers all over the world.

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janelle joy is a team of private 1-on-1 photo editors to wedding photographers all over the world.

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You guys are in for a real treat today!  I have had one of my amazing clients share some insight into her wedding business!  You will get an inside perspective of her as well as how outsourcing has benefited her specifically.  Katelyn is such a talented photographer as well as one of the sweetest people I know!  Her couples are sure lucky to have her!  They hire her not only for her remarkable talent, but for all of her extra good care as well!



All Images are Katelyn’s.  Go check out her website for more eye catching beauty!  CLICK HERE


  • Tell us a little bit about how you got started in weddings.

It all started in middle school when my sister got a camera for Christmas. I quickly began stealing it from her all the time for photoshoots (where she was the model of course). One thing led to another and I began photographing my friend’s senior portraits. As time went on, I realized how much I loved creating art! I saved all of my money to buy a “real camera” and couldn’t believe when people started paying me for photos! All of my free time was spent learning everything I could about photography. Then something crazy happened, in 2013 I photographed my first wedding. It was love at first wedding- haha! I know that sounds cheesy but it’s so true. I immediately knew that I wanted to be a wedding photographer, so I dove right in. 5 years later and I’m now shooting weddings full time with my husband, John. We love getting to do this!!


  • What’s your favorite thing to photograph during the wedding day?

How do I just pick one!? OMG! I have three favorites.. haha! I love photographing the Bride’s details (her shoes, dress, invitation, rings). These photos can be so simple and beautiful and are so great at helping to tell the story of the day! I also love photographing First Looks. Having a private moment before the ceremony yields a much higher chance of tears from the Groom, and these photos can just be soooo precious! Lastly, Bride and Groom portraits. This is where my husband will tell you I really get inspired. I’m the queen of saying “okay one more pose…” a million times. It’s an ongoing joke that John totally teases me about! Haha! But I absolutely love the romance and joy that happens during these photos. So I guess they take the cake. 🙂


  • What do you shoot with? Favorite lens?

I shoot with a canon 5D mk III. My favorite lens has been my 50mm 1.2L forever now, but I recently purchased the 85mm 1.2L and it’s becoming a close second for it’s amazing compression.. woahhhh did I just go full camera nerd? 😉


  • What drew you to outsourcing your editing?

What didn’t?! Haha.. I think the minute I found out that I could, I was like, sign me up! So many countless nights staying up until 2am to meet editing deadlines left me overwhelmed and exhausted. I was so eager to outsource, but the transition was rough because I tried big box editing companies first (more on than below).


  • What made you choose private editing over bigger box editing companies?

So after working with a big box editor for an entire wedding season, I had all but given up on outsourcing. I had a different editor every wedding. Some seemed to understand my style, some didn’t get it at all. There were so many inconsistencies from editor to editor in terms of the way they chose to edit (for example, some would “Sync” edit, which was a nightmare). I was essentially paying for editing only to have to re-edit entire orders. Finally, I realized I needed a private editor when I was treated poorly by one of the editors who argued with me and offered unsolicited photography advice. ENTER JANELLE, THANK GOD. She has so much more attention to detail than the big box company ever did. She is attentive and has fast turn around. She took so much time on the front end to learn my style and really understand my preferences. Her entire process was made easy and convenient, and when I got the first wedding back I knew I made the right choice. Every wedding I get back is better and better, and if there are any adjustments to make, they are so minimal (and probably because I’m a crazy perfectionist). But even this crazy perfectionist can say when she edits my weddings, I really don’t have to change a thing! 🙂


  • How has it helped you in your business and personal life?

I have so much time now!! My husband is so grateful that the workday has an END TIME now. This has been so huge for our marriage. It’s so important to have boundaries when you’re a creative who works from home.. and outsourcing has really allowed this. During my work day, I can focus on so many other areas than before, such as marketing strategies, client experience, and financial bits that usually get put off until tax time (am I right?!). I don’t feel like I’m drowning in backend work and I can actually stay on top of everything!!


  • If you pick anywhere to photograph a wedding where would it be?

Italy. Hands down. 


  • Any advice you would like to give to other wedding photographers hustling hard in their business?

Keep on keepin’ on. And second shoot!! I have learned so much from second shooting. I still second shoot from time to time and I really find that it helps me to constantly reevaluate the wedding day and any areas I can improve on simply by seeing things done differently.


  • A list of must haves for wedding photographers to help you through your long wedding day.
  1. Ibuprofen
  2. Comfy shoes
  3. Snacks
  4. All the water
  5. More snacks 🙂
  6. Did I mention snacks?


Interview with Wedding Photography Katelyn Cantu


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